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1 broken leg, the wildebeest still died fighting 3 cheetahs and the end

Although he was injured, the wildebeest was still resistant against 3 hunting leopards and created an extremely incredible ending.

In the clip, a lone wildebeest was chased by a herd of leopards. During the race, he broke a front leg. This means that he has little chance of survival.

However, although he was injured, the wildebeest fought to the end, causing the three cheetahs to face many difficulties.

After some time of confrontation, the antelope made the “cannibals” tremble. Seizing this opportunity, he immediately fled and escaped incredibly.

The wildebeest is a kind of antelope, the Connochaetes. They are herbivores, often living in herds in the great African savannah, relatively gentle, shy.

The rare weapon with which the wildebeest is equipped by “mother nature” are the horns. Thanks to these horns, wildebeests can choose to attack in defense, instead of fleeing like other herbivores. In addition, thanks to their large number, wildebeests also scare hunters.

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