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75 killer whales ‘pull troops’ to kill giant blue whales

A blue whale more than 15m long has been hunted by about 75 killer whales off the coast of Bremer Canyon, in Western Australia.

According to Roaring Earth, this rare sight was accidentally recorded by marine scientist Kristy Brown while on a whale-watching boat in Bremer Canyon. In an interview with the press, Kristy described this impressive battle.

“The killer whales are constantly ramming, closing, pushing and pulling the whale. They tried to get the blue whale to rise to the surface and suffocate. Then the predators succeeded in getting the blue whale into shallow water and killing it.

When blood and patches of flesh came to the surface, we knew the blue whale was dead. It fought bravely, but a tragic fate could not be avoided.” – Kristy shared.

In the wild, killer whales are known to be one of the most feared predators across the oceans. With their large size and excellent ability to coordinate hunting in groups, they can kill seals, dolphins and sometimes humpback and blue whales for food.

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