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A mysterious stone arch appeared in England

Mysterious works of art appeared in the Lake District, England, causing many people to amuse and wonder who is the author of this wonderful creation.

Some climbers and residents traveling through the Lake District, a mountainous area in North West England, have discovered a number of unique slate and arched structures that many people are interested in. It is not yet known who created these works, BBC reported on May 19.

The work is crafted from slate, overlooking the Borrowdale valley, England.

Many Borrowdale Valley residents refer to the mysterious works as “Banksy’s work” – an anonymous graffiti artist who has become an icon of contemporary British street art – because no one knows who created them. they.

Mr. Shawn Williamson, a sculptor in Windermere, told BBC Radio Cumbria: “The pieces are made up of large pieces of slate that are arched to frame the landscape behind it. There were many artists in the process. The past has produced similar works and each has its own unique character.”

“This piece really shows the colors of the Lake District and traditional local crafts, interwoven with the wonderful natural scenery of this place. All of which makes them extremely mysterious.” , Mr. Shawn Williamson added.

Photographer Carl Halliday took pictures of the rock formations and posted them online. The photos have attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

The BBC does not provide specific information on the location of these works of art because some areas have terrain that could be dangerous for curious residents.

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