Primitive Technology

A pair of male lions dug the ground, when they pulled the “black shadow” out of the ground, they were surprised

Lions are considered the king of animals, the leading killer of predators in Africa, so why do they have to dig?
In the wild, there are two things that are most important, one is to maintain the species, the other is to be able to keep the food steady. This is true for both predators and herbivores, who will do everything to ensure these two things.

Carnivores will be, so will lions. Everything they do will serve the above important things. And it is no coincidence that the following pair of male lions are digging in the ground.

Later, people realized that digging the ground also served to hunt. Lions will probably love prey like this, although it will take a bit of strength, the amount of nutrition that a wild boar gives them is quite a lot even though the body of the wild boar is not too big.

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