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Angry at breaking water, angry black bear teaches cougar life lesson

The cougar cornered the black bear all the way, trying to kill to eat meat, unexpectedly the weakling stood up, attacked the pursuer, even got the upper hand, causing the leopard to flee in panic.

The American black bear is a medium-sized bear that typically lives in the forests of North America, it is able to climb trees well enough to find food and hide from larger predators.

This time, however, he encountered an equally good climber, a cougar. Therefore, even trying to climb the tree to escape, the black bear cannot escape this battle.

Cornered, it can only defend itself with all its instinctive strength, by standing on its hind legs, the black bear transforms to appear taller, moreover it can have many advantages than standing.

The sharp claws on both forelimbs are now continuously cut from above causing the cougar to darken its face and recoil as it knows it is difficult to win against the black bear. Although rarely encountered, there have been cases of black bears killing cougars and vice versa.

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