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Bears and wolves inherently share the same habitat, so it is not uncommon for them to encounter each other.

Wolves are carnivores, they live in large groups and have a very high herd behavior. In which the leader will always be alert and ready to fight any danger outside.

As for the black bear, it is a bit opposite, this omnivore usually lives alone and hunts alone. Although they possess a large body, their movement or attack is also very fast, not to be underestimated.

Wolves struggle with black bears to save the lives of children – Photo 1.
Both of these animals share the same habitat, so collisions are inevitable. In addition to territorial disputes, there are more subtle reasons why they arise fierce battles.

One of the main reasons and the fact that both wolves and bears want to destroy the enemy’s younger generation. This may not be as important as hunting, but it has long-term benefits. Eliminating rival chicks means that in the future they will have more space to grow, both in terms of location and food.

Therefore, as soon as the presence of the black bear is detected, the entire pack of wolves immediately comes out and forms a shield right away from the enemy with his cubs. Despite the shortfall in size compared to bears, they have an advantage in numbers and a clear strategy in return.

After a period of fighting, the black bear also realized that he should not gamble with this battle, it can bring many unwanted dangers. And it quickly retreated shortly after.

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