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Being seized by the trio of cheetahs, the “mighty” antelope is still determined to stand up

Antelopes are the fastest predators on earth, not only that, but sometimes they also wield their potential power to defeat cheetahs.

A mother cheetah (the scientific name is Acinonyx jubatus) hunted with her two cubs and they caught an impala. However, instead of killing the prey right away, the leopard mother decided to use it for her two cubs to train.

Like many other predators, cheetahs are hunted by their parents when they are young so that they can have the most realistic experience possible. This time, the two cheetahs also received an important first lesson in life.

Cubs lack experience and skills, so even when the prey is pinned to the ground with the help of the mother, the antelope still escapes. The leopard mom just watched quietly without regretting this hearty meal so that the Cubs could learn an important lesson.

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