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Being “teased” by the hippo, 15 lions had to stand on the shore to swallow their hatred

After driving the opponent out of the swamp, the baby hippo rushed ashore to “tease” 15 lions, making them only bitterly swallow their hatred.

This reckless act of the hippo was recorded by tourists in Kruger National Park (South Africa).

Accordingly, when seeing a herd of lions drinking water at the edge of the swamp, a hippopotamus broke away from his herd and slowly approached to chase the lions away. Not stopping there, this hippopotamus also deliberately rushed to the shore to “tease” the opponent.

Despite being superior in number, the lions accepted to run away and ceded the lake to the hippos to avoid a vital clash.

Although hippos are not pure carnivores, they are large herbivorous mammals, but hippos possess many fearsome weapons such as Wide jaws, thick skin as thick as armor, erratic personality, the stubborn, strong bite force of their jaws can attack crocodiles or crush crocodiles about 3m long.

They are especially aggressive when encroaching on their territory and touching their children. With his extremely hot temper, the wars of hippos usually only end when one of them dies.

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