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Bitten by a snake in the leg, the man bit back, the venomous snake died

Normally, when we see a venomous snake, we will mostly avoid it, but those with a bit more experience will try to control it and then release it into the wild, to prevent it from continuing. harm people. However, not everyone does this. Most recently, a man living in India had a reaction to a “unique” snake – he was bitten by the snake and then killed it. by… biting it back.

Specifically, a man named Kishore Badra currently lives in the village of Gambharipatia, a rural area in the state of Odisha, India. Mr. Badra was returning home from a day’s work in the fields when a cobra bit his leg. In pain, Mr. Badra turned around and grabbed the animal, and bit it repeatedly until the snake rolled over dead.

Mr. Badra said he just happened to feel something bite on his leg when he got home from work. Then, when the torch was lit, a poisonous scorpion snake was discovered. As a result, he didn’t think much and bit it to death. He even brought the snake’s body back to the village to show his wife. The wife and the villagers were then shocked by what Mr. Badra had done.

Soon after, the villagers advised him to go to the hospital for treatment. However, Mr. Badra decided not to go because he thought he could not do it. This man only went to the village healer to check and “treat in the traditional way”.

Soon after, this story was posted on Indian social networks and immediately caused a stir. Quite a few people believe this story is true because according to experts, there is very little chance of being bitten by a scorpion without being poisoned. And if this is really the case, then it is clear that Mr. Badra has been blessed by his ancestors because he is extremely lucky.

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