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Chaos in the steppe: 3 lionesses “intimidate” the leopards, suddenly male lions rush in: what is the result?

Can leopards escape or not?

A leopard was surrounded by a whole herd of lions, normally he would run in the tree but this time the leopard was taken by surprise when he was chased by a lioness, so he did not run away, just after Then the other lionesses also came and surrounded them.

The leopard was lying on the ground to show the submission of the weak through body language, the lions were in no rush to rush as leopards are still very dangerous when cornered, so 1 Male lion rushed off away to attack the leopard.

This sudden action of it elicited a confused reaction from the whole herd when some members rushed to attack the male lion instead of the leopard. Another male lion attacked the lioness.

The melee didn’t give the leopard a chance to escape, he suffered some pretty serious injuries and according to the person who filmed this video his chances of survival after that are very low.

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