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Chimpanzee vs gorilla: A story of mourning

As a result of these attacks, two infant gorillas died. A horrifying sight was first recorded in Gabon’s Loango National Park. Accordingly, the chimpanzees attacked and killed the gorillas in the area where they lived.

Scientists from Osnabruck University and the Max Planck Institute suggest that the two deadly attacks were the result of animals competing for food. Food sources are decreasing because of climate change.

Fighting between chimpanzees and gorillas happens more often.
During their study period from 2014 to 2018, the two primates lived in peace and even forage on the same tree. This good relationship ended in 2019 when chimpanzees teamed up and attacked gorillas.

As a result of these attacks, two infant gorillas died. One of them was even almost completely “torn apart” by the chimpanzees.

According to the researchers, in the first encounter, which lasted 52 minutes, a group of 27 chimpanzees fought five gorillas. The sounds of battle rattled the entire forest.

The attacks are predicted to continue to take place and the scale and fierce nature are predictable.

Video of chimpanzee fighting gorilla:

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