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Clip: 1 against 5, the antelope always makes leopards lose face

Thanks to the appearance of the hyena, the scene of the battle has changed completely, although she accidentally helps the antelope turn the situation around.

The clip was recorded by visitors to the Mara Serena Safari Lodge in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Specifically, a Topi antelope was attacked by 5 cheetahs and attempted to knock it down. However, as the herd of leopards struggled with their prey, a spotted hyena suddenly appeared.

Disturbed by the hyenas, the cheetahs immediately let go of their prey and fled. Taking this opportunity, the antelope immediately counterattacked and “turned the tide” and had an incredible breakout. Maybe if they patiently waited for the cheetahs to kill their prey, the hyenas would benefit.

The hyena is considered one of the most greedy carnivores on earth, capable of killing large animals like zebras, wildebeest, wild buffaloes … However, hyenas rarely kill themselves. .. steal food.

Additionally, hyenas like to fight and steal prey from cheetahs because with their slimmer and smaller bodies, leopards often run away when approaching adult hyenas.

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