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A pitbull dog and a wild boar die and the ending is amazing

Pursued by a Pitbull dog, the boar suddenly returned to attack the opponent and created an incredible ending.

A battle to the death between a Pitbull and a wild boar takes place in Cibiru, West Java, Indonesia.

In the clip, the boar is released into a bamboo arena, outside the fence, hundreds of people watch it. A few minutes later, a Pitbull was also released to fight with the boar.

A thrilling chase began soon after. Stuck in a mud puddle, the boar suddenly turned in protest, repeatedly attacking the opponent in horror. Eventually, due to many painful blows, the Pitbull dog turned to run away.

The Pitbull is a breed of domestic dog that originated in the Americas, bred in England and kept as a housekeeper and also used in dog fighting. It is a fierce, belligerent, tenacious, and tenacious dog known as the Cold Blooded Killer, also known as the Warrior Dog or the Gladiator.

Pitbull is also considered to be the fierce god of fighting dogs due to his strength, large body with an average weight of over 30kg and height of 45-50cm. This dog has a distinct jaw muscle, which is structured like a locking joint, so when the Pitbull has bit something, or an opponent, it is not easy to release it.

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