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Clip: Cornered by a pack of dogs, the cougar fell into the abyss

An ill-fated cougar was surrounded by fierce dogs and pushed to the edge of the cliff. During the accident, the leopard fell into a pit 30 meters deep.

In the clip, a cougar is led by the hunting dogs to the edge of the cliff. Even though he was alone, he still managed to fend off aggressive dogs.

However, during the struggle, the cougar suddenly slipped and fell into an abyss 30 meters deep. Despite its toned muscles and thick skin, it is still difficult for the cougar to survive if it falls from such a height.

The cougar is a predator that ambushes various preys. The main food source is ungulates, especially deer. They also hunt small animals like insects and rodents.

They hunt alone and ambush their prey, usually from behind. They kill their prey with a bite on the back of the neck to break the neck of the opponent. The carcass of the prey will be hidden or covered to keep it for a few days, when it is hungry the cougar will come back to eat.

Despite its large size, the cougar is not always the first predator in its range as it often has to give up its prey to other animals. They are lonely and mostly avoid people.

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