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One-sided rhino hunt, lions almost had a bitter end

Despite the very methodical hunting plan, the lion still hunted without success because the mother rhino was very alert.

Discovering two mother and daughter rhinos wandering in search of food, the lion hid in the bushes and waited for the opportunity to strike.

After waiting a while, he decided to rush off to catch the baby rhino. Fortunately, the mother rhino was very alert and easily hunted the lion to protect her baby. Hunting alone also causes the big cat to let go of its prey and run away.

The rhino consists of 5 genera, abundant in Africa and Asia. It is an animal that is said to be “left over” from prehistoric times. It is also a great powerful beast.

This species has a massive size, comparable to hippos, only inferior to forest elephants. Covering the outside of their body is super thick skin which is likened to a layer of “steel armor”. Not to mention that the ultimate big animal weapon is the hard horn at the end of the nose. This horn gives more power to rhinos but also harms them due to intense hunting.

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