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The giraffe delivers a devastating blow by kicking the “boneless” lioness

Being ambushed, the giraffe immediately threw the lion to the ground, then used its front paws to stomp on the predator.

Wandering along the dry riverbed in the middle of Namibia’s Namib Rand desert, the lions suddenly discovered a solitary giraffe grazing.

Immediately after, the lionesses sprinted across the riverbed, then cornered the giraffes for a meal.

Chased by the enemy, the giraffe quickly ran to the open ground, where a lioness of the herd was in ambush. Seeing the opportunity, the lioness tried to jump high and then gave a bite to the prey’s neck.

However, because he jumped too early, he was quickly thrown to the ground by the giraffe and then stepped on his body with his feet. After receiving countless painful blows, the lion had to let its prey escape right in front of its eyes.

Adult giraffes can have strong legs and are up to 1.8m long. Thanks to these legs, they can run at a speed of almost 60 km / h for short distances. Meanwhile, lions can speed up to 80 km / h when hunting for prey. Even hunting alone, it is difficult for the lion to defeat this large prey.

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