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The wild buffalo struck a dangerous blow, a blow through the lion’s armpit and a sad ending

Although surrounded and killed by 5 lions, the wild buffalo stubbornly resisted. He even used his horns to pierce the armpit of a lioness.

This incredible scene was accidentally recorded by Roan Ravenhill, 28, in the Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa.

Specifically, upon discovering that the buffalo was wandering alone, 5 lions quickly approached. As soon as they approached their prey, they charged in many directions, despite the frenzied resistance of the wild buffalo.

During the struggle, a lioness carelessly allowed a wild buffalo to engulf her armpit, seriously injuring her. With the help of his fellows, about 20 minutes later, the hapless lion escaped from the sharp horn of the wild buffalo.

The battle for survival then continued. Finally, after 90 minutes, the lions also defeated the prey and rushed to eat.

As one of the 5 largest animals in Africa, the buffalo are very strong. Not only has a stocky body, but this animal is also equipped with strong curved horns and an unpredictable aggressive nature. If provoked, they don’t hesitate to fight dangerous animals like leopards or lions.

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