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Desperately plunging into the water full of crocodiles to hunt, the jaguar almost had to pay with his own life.

It is not uncommon for jaguars to catch crocodiles. To win, leopards often choose small prey and attack by surprise.

However, it is not always successful. The image has just been published by Nat Geo Wild, showing that not only did not catch the prey, the leopard almost became food for the crocodile.

The jaguar’s failure to hunt is said to be that it made a mistake in choosing prey that was too large and did not surprise when it attacked.

Before he could plunge into the water, he was discovered by a crocodile. So it could only lightly grab the back of the prey’s nape and the jaguar was knocked back because the crocodile struggled too hard.

Immediately after, the crocodile responded by biting hard on the tail to drag into the water when the leopard tried to climb to the shore. It took a long time for it to fortunately escape.

Maybe after this missed crocodile, it will take a long time for the leopard to wade through the water to catch crocodiles for food.

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