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Driven by unbridled hunger, the leopard attacked the porcupine while its paws were covered in blood

The leopard was extremely persistent and accepted pain to attack its prey.

Leopards are predators with many skills to adapt to many different environments, they can attack their prey from high trees or in the water to catch fish … But these various skills don’t help either. more to gain this prey.

The person the leopard targets is a porcupine (scientific name: Hystrix cristata), it is a hedgehog that can weigh up to 13 kg when mature. They have a layer of sharp spines covering enough to protect the hedgehog from aggressive predators.

The leopard was stabbed in the leg by these thorns when using its forelimbs to attack the hedgehog, it was injured and bleeding, but due to its intense hunger it constantly followed the hedgehog. In the end, the leopard had to agree to give up because his victim was too … hard!

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