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Enraged giant elephant, madly attacking rhino mother and child: Why?

Elephants are huge creatures, but they are often known for their gentle nature. So why does the elephant in the video attack so hard?
As the name suggests, African grassland elephants (belonging to the elephant family) live mainly in Africa, they often gather in small herds to surround each other and protect their young. In general, elephants are gentle animals, as long as there are no excessive provocative actions, elephants are quite peaceful with other neighbors.

But in some cases, it is common to capture the moment when some elephants seem to go crazy. The main reason for this is usually territorial encroachment or loss of interest.

The same is true of the mother and daughter of the rhinoceros family below, they were attacked by a large neighbor.

As seen in the video above, at first, although the mother rhino was on the defensive and ready to fight to protect the young, things did not go in a positive direction as it thought, the big elephant kept encroaching. and hit the mother and daughter directly.

It took a lot of work for the baby rhino to get up and run away while its mother wasn’t much better when she was repeatedly beaten. In the end, the rhinoceros mother and daughter were chased by the elephant from the lake area.

In fact, in some cases, elephants are very “selfish”, when affected (though not too much), elephants still show an extremely strong attitude and are ready to attack anyone who gets in the way. . This time, the presence of rhino mother and child in this drinking area clearly did not please the large elephant.

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