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Even male lions are “stupefied” because of this prey’s counterattack, unable to take action

Starting like any hunt, the lion stalks slowly approaches and prepares to attack. The only difference is that the prey this time is too aggressive.
At the beginning of the video is the image of a male lion patiently stalking and starting to make the first moves to approach the prey. It rushed forward, but the strange thing was that the hunted did not run away as quickly as we thought.

Even the male lion was dumbfounded because he was attacked by this prey, unable to take action – Photo 1.
On the contrary, it actively defends, sometimes counterattacking the big lion itself. The animal that has the composure and courage to do it in the most aggressive way is probably only the honey badger, who is known for his carelessness.

The lion was quite surprised by the action of the prey but it quickly regained consciousness to continue the attack. But things did not go too smoothly for it, the honey badger proved extremely unruly, both counterattacking and running backward. Until the end, the male lion was also helpless before the prey and could not handle it.

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