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Hunted by the wild buffalo, the lion escaped death thanks to the timely protective shield

Surrounded on all sides by a herd of wild buffaloes, the male lion was fortunate enough to escape death thanks to the timely “protection” of his fellows.

In the clip, a young male lion is surrounded on all sides by a herd of wild buffaloes in Nairobi National Park.

He stood on a stone marker, trying to keep his head down, then stared at his enemies. At that time, buffaloes did not hesitate to respond with provocative eyes. After standing still for a while, the lion bared its fangs and growled threateningly when it saw a buffalo approaching.

According to the person who downloaded the clip, after hearing the roar of their fellows, two lionesses ran. They dispersed the herd of buffaloes and the male lion quickly left the landmark and successfully escaped.

The heaviest African buffalo can weigh over a ton, the horns can weigh up to a hundred kilograms and are 1 meter long. Thanks to the weight of 4 times the lion, the buffalo is extremely dangerous when throwing rams like hammers.

When hunting lions, the buffalo can reach speeds of 56 km / h, faster than any of today’s top sprinters.

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