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Hunted, the antelope drowned the choking lion in a naval battle

After struggling for a while, the lion not only failed to kill the antelope but was also drowned by the prey.

In the clip, an adult antelope is entrenched in a swamp when being chased by dozens of hungry lions. After observing for a while, the antelope decided to climb ashore to escape. However, it was blocked by the lion and forced to return to the swamp.

Not giving the prey a chance to survive, a lioness in the herd decided to jump into the water and “water battle” with the antelope.

However, after struggling for a while, the lion not only failed to kill the prey but also drowned to choke on the water. In the end, the antelope also escaped safely.

The African lion (Panthera leo) is the second-largest animal in the cat family, after the tiger. This animal lives in herds, the females are the main hunters. They usually target prey such as antelope, zebra, wildebeest, and some other large animals in the grasslands.

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