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In the middle of the hippopotamus, the black crocodile cried out

Other than the gentle appearance, hippos are actually the top ferocious in Africa. Under the rivers, they are even more of a threat than crocodiles.

Even this animal has the ability to take the life of crocodiles. Therefore, the fact that a crocodile accidentally fell among the hippopotamuses is no different from facing death.

Painful crocodile attacked by a hippopotamus

This black crocodile too, for some reason it got lost in the middle of the hippopotamus. Its appearance made the hippopotamus angry, frantically attacking the enemy in an attempt to resist the crocodile’s helplessness.

You can see how scared and painful the crocodile is when being attacked by a herd of hippos.

Only thanks to luck, the crocodile is lucky to escape from this dangerous situation to safely escape to another body of water. Normally, crocodiles and hippos compete for territory but rarely do crocodiles dare to clash except when it is baby hippos.

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