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Leopards attack, kill the crocodile as fast as lightning

While lying in the sun on the sand, the crocodile was suddenly attacked by a jaguar and ended with a single bite.

Clip: Báo đốm tấn công, đoạt mạng cá sấu nhanh như chớp
While wandering in search of prey, the jaguar discovered a crocodile lying in the sun on the sandy slope that juts out into the middle of the river.

Immediately after, he immediately swam nearby and switched to a hunting position. As the crocodile approached, the jaguar immediately used all of its speed to pounce on the prey.

After being bitten on the head by the opponent, the crocodile did not have time to react and became a delicious meal for the jaguar.

The jaguar is a compact and muscular animal. It is the largest species of cat native to the Americas and the third largest in the world, after the size of tigers and lions.

The jaguar is more of a stalker predator than a hunter predator. They can run up to 70 km / h but are not durable, so they are often persistent in stalking their prey and rarely participate in long runs.

The ambush capability of this species is considered almost unprecedented in the animal kingdom. The ambush can include jumping into the water if the prey is already underwater, as a jaguar is quite capable of killing prey underwater. The exceptionally strong jaws allow the jaguar to bite directly through the prey’s skull between the ears to deliver a fatal bite to the brain.

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