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Leopards attack overnight campers

A family camping overnight in the Matopi 1 area of Kgalagadi National Park in southern Africa was attacked by a leopard, leaving his wife seriously injured.
According to Latest Sightings, before camping, this family discovered the leopard about 50 meters away. However, the (unnamed) husband still decided to set up a tent rather than stay in the car to spend the night.

Notably, when this family did not go to sleep, the leopard was still hanging around the campsite and was quite friendly with people.

It even rubbed itself against the car and rested not far from them.

However, when the whole family went to sleep, the leopard snuck into the tent and attacked the wife. Fortunately, it only bit her leg and tried to drag her out of the tent.

Hearing his wife’s screams, the husband jumped up and tried to make loud noises to scare away the leopard. Then, he quickly used a shovel to hit the predator to be able to chase it away.

After that, he quickly took his wife to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment. Here, she was diagnosed with a lot of blood loss and had to have plastic surgery on her foot.

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