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Leopards fight fiercely, the weaker pays with their lives

Usually, leopards rarely fight to the death, they often just win or lose to fight for territory or bait.
Living in the wild, leopards are also carnivores, but they have many enemies, from lions to hyenas or wild dogs… even with their own kind, if there is a conflict over territory. ground or prey, a war could break out at any time.

However, in those matches, they often just won and lost, not to the point of having to fight to the death. In fact, only lions are the animals that leopards need to be most wary of because they can attack and kill leopards immediately to reduce the rate of competition for food.

As for the two leopards, fighting to the death is very rare because even if they can kill the opponent, it will cost a lot because their size and strength are equivalent. Of course, no predator wants to waste their energy on pointless battles that can affect their ability to hunt later.

But the case of the two leopards in the short video above is very special. According to the site Kruger Sightings, one of the two is older and larger than the opponent. It is also the main character of the video when it shows its superior strength, constantly biting the opponent’s weakness.

In the end, the weaker was completely defeated, it had to pay with its own life to enter the battle with such a completely superior opponent.

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