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Leopards fight giant pythons Turn the situation around

The jaguar and the giant rock python fight one-on-one in survival.

A shocking video captures the battle of the great python and the jaguar when both want the other to become their prey. Usually, the two are not potential prey for each other and they rarely encounter each other.

However, in order to survive, nothing is impossible. The jaguar is the opening for this dramatic battle when he decides to attack the rock python to find his chance.

The ultimate winner is the jaguar. While the rock python suffered numerous injuries on its body, especially the head, the jaguar also suffered injuries to its front legs. It rested from the fight before enjoying its meal. In the early minutes of the battle, the rock python dominated with its jaguar grips, but with divine agility, the jaguar managed to make his own. to get out of this predicament.

The images were captured by Clint Saint during a visit to a wildlife reserve in South Africa.

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