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Leopards like acrobatics on the enemy’s head, “sweating” to escape the encirclement

Actively attacked the prey but did not expect the leopard to be the one who almost lost his life.
Leopards are not too picky predators, they can eat from insects, small animals to larger antelope, buffalo, or even ready to attack other carnivores such as crocodiles. , python, snake…

This time, in a reserve in Africa, a leopard suddenly discovered an interesting object, possibly its next meal, so it quickly approached to attack.

Although actively attacking first, its prey is the African rock python – a person who is not easy to bully. After a while of struggling, the leopard could not take the initiative, on the contrary, it was also dangerously squeezed by the python.

Fortunately for the leopard, with its agility and struggle, it escaped the siege with beautiful acrobatics right above the enemy’s head. Although it missed, the leopard did not give up its prey and continued to attack. As a result, the rock python lost its life due to too many injuries on its body, and the leopard was not much better, although it defeated the enemy, its upper right leg was also injured.

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