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Leopards wage terrible battles for territory

As soon as they encountered the opponent, the two leopards fiercely rushed against each other. Until one of them ran away, that fight was over.

In the wild, the leopard is one of the five big cats of the genus Panthera, living mainly in Africa and Asia. When fully grown, each adult is around 70cm tall, almost 2m long, and weighs 90kg.

It is a carnivore that prefers to live alone and only lives in pairs during the mating season. The main food of leopards in the wild is antelope, wild boar, fish …

Because they prefer to live alone, they are also very territorial. Even the leopard is ready to embark on a fierce battle, killing its fellows if the enemy intrudes on its lands.

Typically in the video below, as soon as he saw his congeners present in his territory, the leopard launched into a fierce battle. In the end, the loser had to run away for his life.

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