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Leopards were startled because they were trying to steal food when they were discovered by crocodiles

For carnivores like leopards, such an easy, lucrative meal is always something that appeals to them. However, don’t look at things just by appearances.
Suddenly discovering the carcass of an animal (possibly a wild buffalo) lying on the river’s edge, the leopard quickly approached and intended to take it as his own. However, in the wild, could such a delicious bait not have anyone looking for it?

And it is true that things should not be judged by appearance alone. The moment the leopard touched its feet in the water, a powerful black-figure galloped up. It’s the crocodile and also the owner of the delicious bait over there.

Leopards and crocodiles are not really strangers to each other, there are even a lot of battles between them. However, if it is an underwater fight, the leopard will certainly find a way to avoid it if it is not necessary because when it is there it will be too much of a disadvantage.

Despite trying many times to capture the delicious food, the leopard just kept itself on the shore and in the end, its efforts were stopped by the aggressive crocodile.

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