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Like a performance, the lion clings to it while jumping on the hopscotch to hunt for a baby elephant

Male lions have had very “strange” actions when trying to take down large prey.
Calvet Nkomo, a 45-year-old guide at the Somalisa camp in Hwange National Park, was lucky enough to capture footage of the male lions’ somewhat strange following hunt.

Calvet said, when he and the tour group passed through this area, they encountered a baby elephant wandering, it seemed that it had lost its herd. Calvet also shared with team members that such subjects are very vulnerable to attack by lions or wild dogs or hyenas… – animals of prey in Africa.

As expected, about 10 minutes later, a male lion named Humba appeared. At first, it was quite cautious when approaching baby elephants, perhaps fearing that adult elephants somewhere nearby would suddenly appear.

But when it was sure that there would be no unexpected “situations”, it immediately closed the distance and attacked its prey.

Although it is a baby elephant, its size is also larger than that of a lion. This makes hunting for Humba very difficult. It jumped up with the intention of knocking down its prey to easily strike, but the resistance of the baby elephant made Humba not achieve the goal. Not only that, the “excessive” nuances make it look like a clown in a circus.

Finally, with the help of a lioness, Humba finally defeated the prey. That is probably also the inevitable outcome of baby elephants when lost from the herd, having to wander among harsh Africa.

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