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Lions do unbelievable things, sow resentment for leopards

No one thought a lion could climb such a difficult tree to steal prey from a jaguar.

Of the predators in Africa, leopards are considered the weakest. Their solitary lives make them frequent targets of “bullying” by other predators such as lions or hyenas and even wild dogs.

Therefore, hiding the bait on a tall tree is the best way to help them protect their meal. In most cases, other enemies won’t be able to invade its territory however, there are exceptions.

A cheetah seems to have stashed its meal safely in a tall tree. The trunk is firm when there are no branches. However, this time it encountered a class robber.

The lion, after looking at the target, decided to take action. It was really amazing how it managed to climb such a difficult tree. In this situation, the leopard can only watch with pity when the enemy takes away its spoils.

After climbing the tree, the lion leisurely sat on it enjoying a delicious meal. Photos are taken in the Londolozi Reserve, South Africa.

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