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Lions fly, use “judo hits” to defeat zebras as fast as lightning

After flying high, the lion used its front paws to grab the zebra’s neck and knock it down to the ground.

Spotting a herd of zebras roaming the grasslands, the lion cleverly hid in a nearby haystack to observe it.

When he sees a favorable opportunity, he immediately rushes to hunt and then jumps high, grabs the zebra’s neck with its front paw, and knocks it down in an instant. The lion’s attack was no different from a powerful “judo kick” and the zebra was completely overpowered.

African lions use many body organs when hunting, especially using their eyes and smell to recognize where their prey is. The usual hunting time for this species is at night or early in the morning.

This dangerous predator often approaches its prey about 10m before launching a decisive attack. When attacking adult predators, African lions often use the advantage of hip strength to attack and bring down their prey. In addition, the slaps of their sharp claws are also familiar unique moves.

The fastest way to kill prey that African lions often use is to attack the prey’s respiratory system.

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