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Lions receive a bitter end when they attack the wrong prey

Although he is a ‘notorious’ predator in the animal world, there are many times when the “lord of the grasslands” is counterattacked by his prey and has to receive “excessive” blows.
The cunning father made the lions lose face salt / Meeting hundreds of wild buffalo, the lion king ran for his life

To survive in the wild, lions always have to face fierce battles for territory and food sources.

In the process of hunting, the ‘lord of the grasslands’ is usually the one who has the upper hand and wins. However, there are many times when lions have to receive painful blows, even die because of their prey’s counterattack.

Although they are not carnivores, hippos, buffalo… are always termites that bring unpredictable dangers to the enemy. When pressed to the ‘deadline’ by predators, they are ready to counterattack and even a small mistake can cause predators to ‘pay dearly’.

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