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Lord of the jungle died fighting 30 hungry hyenas: Shocked ending

An ending contrary to many people’s predictions for this 6-hour battle.

Lions and hyenas are two enemies that do not wait for heaven in the battle for prey. They often quarrel about each other’s meals but fierce and special like this time is really rare.

In Kruger National Park, the carcass of a large wild buffalo became the target of both lions and hyenas. However, in terms of numbers, this is an unequal fight when the lion alone has to fight with 30 spotted hyenas.

Lions and hyenas engage in a fierce battle for food
Overwhelming in numbers, hyenas continuously attacked the jungle princess from all sides. Before the attacks of the enemy, the lion could only fight back, but it did not give up in this honorable battle.

The battle lasted for up to 6 hours, the end was really beyond the expectations of many people when the lion was the final winner.

This time, a lion has to confront a herd of up to 30 hyenas

Judging by the numbers, the hyenas completely overwhelm the opponent

The battle lasted for up to 6 hours, surprising many people

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