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Making the biggest mistake of his life, hyenas give their lives to pay the price for subjectivity

Having to survive in the harsh environment of African wild nature, the hyena proved too subjective and immature.
The following video was recorded by Marc Cronje, a 29-year-old guide, in a wildlife sanctuary. Accordingly, a hyena, most likely lost from the herd, wandered near Marc’s area. The hyena is heading towards a nearby lake, unaware that it will be the final decision as well as the worst mistake of its life.

According to Marc’s share, the hyena kept coming to the lake without seeming to care about the situation around. There are a few lions, sworn enemies with hyenas, waiting.

And just a second is enough for the lion to recognize this negligent prey, it immediately chases the intruder.

The hyena was completely taken by surprise, it quickly ran away after seeing the lion but it was too late. It has to pay for its subjectivity and lack of vigilance. One by one the other lions came forward after seeing their prey caught.

In fact, lions do not eat hyenas, but being able to kill enemies that compete for food so easily, of course, they will not give up.

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