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Male lions accept to lose face, use “bad blows” to kill their prey

Rarely do visitors see the lion killing taking place in the middle of the main road.
When it comes to lions of prey, especially male lions, people often think of the powerful moments, majesty, and even unstoppable attacks of this animal kingdom.

But sometimes, lions can accept to ignore all those images because the highest purpose is still to hunt delicious prey.

In the video above, the victim is an adult kudu antelope. This is a relatively large animal, they have the same body size as wildebeest or wild buffalo… For such large and strong prey, usually, lions will hunt in herds. , attack together to take down the prey.

However, as in the above situation, the male lion must take his chance or it will disappear. Immediately, the hunter rushed to attack, but this was really a big test for him.

After struggling for a while, the male lion fell into a low position, it was constantly being trampled by the prey for the bull to crawl behind. But with his experience, the assassin was able to hold on, continuously attacking the weak part of the prey’s hind legs. Finally, its efforts paid off when the gazelle was exhausted and left to fate.

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