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Meeting a herd of deceitful lions, the mother buffalo in a failed battle

Even if she risks her best, she can’t fight off predators

Despite being one of the most powerful species, able to face-to-face with lions, there are still many cases where wild buffalo cannot escape the death penalty at the hands of ferocious predators.

Young and separated buffalo are always a favorite target of lions. This time, the whole herd of lions joined forces to target the two buffaloes wandering away from the herd. As such, they will not have the help of the herd when fighting predators.

In this battle, the lion was too smart and experienced to separate the mother and the buffalo. While two lions attacked and chased the mother buffalo away, the other one killed the young.

The mother buffalo, even if she risked her best, could not fight these predators and had to watch her cubs become a meal for others. Pictures are taken in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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