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Mother zebra tries to save her baby unsuccessfully before predators

Despite her best efforts, the mother zebra was unable to save her prey from predators. Not possessing the strength of a lion or the ability to attack like a hyena, the Gepa leopard is faster than a human. Usually, they hunted individually, but this time, collective power was brought into play.

Relaxing in the grasslands of Masai Mara Reserve when predators spotted a herd of zebras roaming nearby. Immediately, their target was a baby zebra.

An attack was launched shortly after, with only one Gepa leopard participating. When the mother zebra sees her baby in danger, she immediately comes to help. At this time, other cheetahs joined the fight.

The balance of confrontation immediately shifted to the predators. At this time, the mother zebra could not do anything to save her baby. Very quickly, the baby zebra died before the predators. As for the group of five Gepa leopards, they quickly enjoyed their meal.


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By Source:  Pacquiao Williams/Youtube

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