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Rare and critically endangered California eagle nest discovered in the US

Two super rare California eagle nests have been discovered in Zion National Park, Utah, USA.

According to the Daily Mail, the California falcon has the scientific name Gymnogyps californianus and is the largest bird in North America with a wingspan of up to 3m. After decades of decline in numbers, this bird seemed to be extinct when only 22 individuals survived in the 1980s.

Two super rare California eagle nests have been discovered in Zion National Park, Utah, USA. Photo: National Park Service
In 1987, the last wild California falcons were captured for conservation and breeding purposes. After 5 years, those raised in captivity were released into the wild at Mount Hopper National Wildlife Refuge in Ventura, California.

Despite the utmost care, the mortality rate of this species is still very high. Therefore, they are classified as the highest conservation level.

Recently, wildlife experts saw two nests of California falcons in Zion National Park in southwestern Utah, USA. The first nest was discovered near the famous Angel’s Landing trail. The second nest is found on the east side of the national park.

The Peregrine Foundation’s Falcon Conservation Program Director Tim Hauck said: “It’s fortunate that these birds nest in such a convenient location that we can see inside the nest. Usually, This bird nests deep in caves on high cliffs, which are difficult to observe.”
Now wildlife conservationists are diligently monitoring the daily activities of the birds.

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