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Relaxingly collecting nets, Japanese fishermen “lost their souls” because they saw the monstrosity inside

What “monster” did the man catch?

A man in Japan went to the sea to fish, when he was collecting his net, he accidentally discovered a strange creature. Seeing the strangeness, the man immediately walked over to examine it, but he did not expect that he was startled by the creature. This creature has an extremely scary appearance, it can’t help but make others shudder.

However, this monster had no sign of life left. He carefully picked it up and examined it carefully, and discovered that the creature was identical to the alien monster in the movie. Its mouth has protruding teeth, and its head has no eyes.

At this moment, the man feels extremely scared, is this an alien species? He decided to find out the true origin of this animal, so he sent it to the local Institute of Marine Biology for inspection.

After testing, scientists said that this is not an alien species but a type of deep-sea creature, which is a giant sea worm called Eulagisca gigantea. This sea worm is scaly and usually lives in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. They are gray-brown in color and have no pattern on the body. They usually live at depths between 40 and 700 meters.

Eulagisca gigantea has a flattened body and up to 15 pairs of scales on its back. They have a pair of large jaws, teeth exposed outside the pharynx. Because Eulagisca gigantea lives in an extremely harsh environment, they are especially voracious, eating all kinds of food, including leftovers.

Marine biologists say this sea worm can be found in many parts of the world, but this is the first time they have seen such a large sea worm. It has a length of up to 20cm, a width of up to 10cm. Finally, they asked the man to donate this sea worm as a research specimen.

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