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Scientists want to put 6.7 million semen samples on the Moon

This is the idea of ​​a large spacecraft containing human semen to the Moon, as a “backup measure” for humanity in the event of a disaster on Earth.

This spacecraft will be on a mission to bring 6.7 million semen and egg samples to the Moon. The embryo samples will then be stored in secure vaults built inside the “moon craters”.

According to the New York Post, the idea is similar to the “apocalyptic vault” in Svalbard, Norway, which holds millions of acres of plant seeds from around the world.

The project was first launched at the Institute of Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Space Conference by six researchers from the University of Arizona. They say the spacecraft will save humans from extinction in the event of natural disasters such as meteorites, nuclear war or volcanic eruptions.

“Earth is a very fragile environment,” said researcher Jekan Thangavelautham. Therefore, he thinks that the storage vaults on Earth are still capable of being wiped out in a disaster of a large enough scale.

According to IFL Science, the bunker on the Moon can store embryo samples from 250 flights originating from Earth. For comparison, the construction of the International Space Station took only 40 flights.

In addition, scientists will use solar energy to keep samples from freezing or sticking together in the negative temperatures of the Moon.

However, no organization has come forward to support this idea.

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