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Seeing the penguin out of breath, the sea leopard not only didn’t kill, but took a rare action

Like seals, sea leopards are medium-sized but very good at swimming and hunting in the water.
Why don’t penguins’ feet get cold?
Sea leopards (of the family of seals) are mammals and are adept predators in their habitat. They are concentrated in the Southern Hemisphere, along the edge of the sea in Antarctica. In the wild, they don’t have many enemies, but most of them are blood-blooded species such as orcas, sharks, and sometimes killer whales.

In contrast, sea leopards are a terror to the remaining creatures of Antarctica such as penguins. With a large body that can weigh from 200-600kg, sea leopards need a huge energy supply, so regular hunting is a must.

However, as seen in the video above. When discovering that the penguin was showing signs of being out of breath, unable to return to shore, the sea leopard approached quickly, but unlike every day, it took actions such as helping “prey”.

This is actually extremely rare, similar to the cases where lions rescue and then care for young antelopes have been recorded.

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