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Spotting the black bear entering the area, the tigers spread killing the prey

Black bears are not ordinary animals, they are large, strong, and also very dangerous. But if you have to face a pack of tigers, that’s a different story.
Bears can also be considered carnivores because, under different circumstances, they are ready to hunt to satisfy their hunger.

On the opposite side, perhaps not too much talk about the capabilities of tigers, they are master predators in the jungle. With the advantage of bodybuilding, speed, and camouflage ability, tigers are always ranked at the top of the food chain.

Because they live in the same habitat, it is not uncommon for tigers and bears to clash, and not always one of them can defeat the other. However, that is the result of 1 – 1 wars.

As in the video above, with outstanding numbers, tigers both camouflage, approach, and spread out to surround the black bear. With the hammock stretched out like that, the bear hardly had any chance to escape.

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