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Struggling to hunt, leopards were still lost them all

Enemy’s enemy is you? Perhaps that is partly true in this situation of the wild boar and the leopard.
Leopards are inherently solitary hunters, they rely on their own speed and strength to launch lightning attacks, with high damage. The effectiveness of this tactic is indisputable, however, for some prey with thick skin, large size, it is really challenging for this killer species.

In the following case, too, the leopard was lucky to target an adult wild boar, which looked even bigger than the hunter. If successful, the leopard will surely have a full meal and relatively free time from hunting.

That is why, no matter how much the wild boar struggles, it is determined not to let go, but clings to its back, biting the part near the nape of its prey.

If things continue like this, perhaps the leopard will achieve its purpose when it is at the “upper door”. However, the arrival of an uninvited guest changes all that.

Another leopard also sniffed the attraction of the other “meal” and scurried over. Thus a battle is inevitable. The two cannibals rushed at each other with determination to get the other delicious bait. However, because of that, they did not realize that, despite being badly injured, the wild boar managed to crawl out of the bushes and into a cave nearby.

Thus, the untimely destruction of the second leopard is no different from saving the wild boar a conspicuous goal, although injured but at least it is still alive!

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