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Surrounded, the lions make strange movements that frighten 13 hyenas

In front of the aggressive and bloody hyenas, the lioness did not retaliate, but only made a movement that frightened her opponent.

In the clip, a white lioness is surrounded by 13 hyenas from many sides to fight for the territory.

In overwhelming numbers, the hyenas had complete confidence in their strength. However, the lioness showed no fear, but calmly scratched the ground with her hind legs. This is considered a move to mark the territory and intruders will pay the price.

Right after that, he casually laid down in front of his opponent. Before the lion’s action, hyenas were quite timid and did not dare to attack. It wasn’t until the lion jumped up to scare him that the hyena gave up the idea and left.

The lion and the hyena are two enemies full of grace. They always clash in wars for land or food.

Lions are usually 3-4 times the size of hyenas, but hyenas know how to use tactics to invade lions. According to experts, in a one-on-one confrontation, the hyena is no match for the lion. It usually takes 3 hyenas to take down a lion. Both species know their strengths and weaknesses, so depending on the weather, they will rush to hit each other.

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