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‘Teasing’ the hippo on a lunch break, the lion was bitten by an opponent and almost died

The lioness paid a heavy price for disturbing the sleep of an adult hippo.

In the wild, hippos are considered one of the deadliest animals in Africa, killing about 2,900 people every year. With a massive body, outstanding health and especially possessing a pair of fangs that can be up to 40cm long, they can kill many other animals.

For example, in the video above, the lioness almost died when she disrupted the hippo’s sleep.

Before, when he saw the hippo resting, the lion thought his opponent was dead, so he went to explore in search of a hearty meal. When he saw the giant beast alive, the “lord of the grasslands” did not immediately run away, but leisurely left.

Meanwhile, because he was so upset that his sleep was disrupted, the hippo woke up and chased after and bit the lion’s head. Fortunately, this bite wasn’t enough to kill the big cat.

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