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The buffalo deliberately teased the hippopotamus, the buffalo nearly got his head bitten

Lost in the territory of the hippo, the buffalo not only refused to leave, but also deliberately teased the opponent. This stupid act almost cost him his life.

While wandering in search of food, two buffaloes suddenly got lost in the territory of the hippos. However, one of the two buffaloes refused to leave, but also appeared to challenge the opponent.

When the buffalo approached, the hippo immediately opened its mouth wide to warn. At this time, the buffalo still refused to leave but constantly teased him. Too angry, the hippo immediately rushed to grab the buffalo’s head.

Unexpectedly attacked, the buffalo just realized his mistake, so he fled in panic. Luckily, he still managed to escape quickly before he came to a painful end.

Hippos are large animals, often living in rivers, lakes or salt marshes in West Africa. We can easily recognize them by their huge mouths and their pastime of dipping in mud to cool the body.

Despite its cute appearance, the hippo is one of the most aggressive and elusive animals in the world. When angry, crocodiles, rhinos, or even much larger adversaries like African elephants are not afraid to clash.

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