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The buffalo went mad, decided to kill the lion to avenge his son and the end

The video was recorded in a wildlife reserve in Africa. Due to lack of vigilance, the herd of adult buffaloes let their calves fall into the clutches of hungry lions.

Witnessing the scene where the young child was killed before their eyes, the herd of buffaloes were mad, rushing to fight with the lions for revenge.

Fiercely opposed by their prey, lions only know how to flee. Unable to attack the mother lion, the buffalo decided to target the cubs. After the terrible cigarette butts and shoving, at least 1 lion cub was killed, 3 others were seriously injured.

The African buffalo is one of Africa’s most feared animals, it can weigh up to 1,540 pounds (700 kg). They have horns 40 cm long and have the power to slaughter even lions, wounds caused by buffaloes are extremely dangerous.

In addition, African buffaloes often do not appear alone, they follow a large group of very aggressive. Therefore, even lions do not dare to attack this huge and extremely dangerous prey.

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